Alumna Publishes Book to Help Children Cope with COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Shelly Hutchinson 73N chose compassion over fear. Hutchinson, a long-time nurse working in pediatrics and mental health, took the opportunity to help children cope with the public health crisis. From hygiene to living in a world of face masks and social distancing, the author set to work on an entertaining yet factual book for kids and families.

COVID Quarantine Crisis! details the highs and lows children face during the pandemic. Hutchinson uses words, rhyme, and pictures to create a context where families can talk about the frustrations and emotions at play during life-changing events. The main character, a young boy, struggles with losing school, friends, and activities. The parents offer safety, support, facts, and encouragement.

“Families can pull together along the theme of ‘we’re all in this together,’ ” Hutchinson says.

Promotion of the book has come largely through word of mouth. Hutchinson also gave an opportunity to her neighbor’s teenage daughter, an aspiring artist.

“I never expected to make a lot of money,” she says. “I wanted to embed knowledge and the CDC guidelines for families to understand what they have to do and to start the conversation by giving voice to kids’ feelings.”

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