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New Faculty

image of bai

Jinbing Bai PhD MSN RN
Postdoctoral fellow
Expertise: pediatric pain and symptom management, pediatric cancer outcomes

Brittany Butts 16PhD RN
Assistant professor
Expertise: effects of exercise/effects of behavior on gene expression in heart failure patients

Jeannie Cimiotti PhD FAAN
Associate professor
Expertise: health care workforce and health care quality

image of coombe

Ashley Coombe PhD RN
Assistant clinical professor, D-ABSN program Expertise: diabetes management

image of englund

Heather Englund PhD RN
Assistant clinical professor and assistant director, D-ABSN program
Expertise: baccalaureate nursing education

image of edwards

Sara Edwards 18PhD 94MSN/94MPH
Assistant clinical professor
Expertise: maternal health, mood disorders in women

image of fisher

Elaine Fisher PhD RN CNE
Clinical professor and director of accreditation and curriculum
Expertise: leadership, nursing curricula

image of frediani

Jennifer Frediani 14PhD RD ACSM-CES
Assistant research professor
Expertise: nutrition, exercise physiology, body composition, metabolomics

image of li

Yin Li PhD
Assistant research professor
Expertise: nursing workforce and economics

image of yambo

Teresa Yambo PhD MSN-ED RN
Director, Distance-ABSN program; associate clinical professor
Expertise: nursing education, educational mobility, mental health of military spouses

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