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From the VP

Sharing What We Know

Emory’s historic role in caring for Ebola patients in this country has been well documented, with our clinicians sharing detailed treatment protocols as well as one-on-one expertise with colleagues around the globe. Our nurses and physicians continue this work, publishing findings and conducting research with the CDC to develop better treatments and vaccines.

We are now under contract with the CDC to provide training, educational resources, and consultation for the 48 U.S. medical centers that have been designated as Ebola treatment centers. Thus far, we have hosted three Ebola preparedness conferences focused on the management of hospital units created to care for patients diagnosed with Ebola virus disease. At these conferences, physicians, nurses, and other experts discuss clinical care and patient management, staff and infrastructure development, donning and doffing of personal protection equipment, laboratory protocols, consideration of pediatric and OB/GYN patient populations, occupational health management of clinical staff, spiritual support to families and staff, and waste management.

Our nurses and physicians continue to make site visits to U.S. hospitals to advise them on setting up Ebola treatment units and share our protocols, many of which were developed by the critical care nurses who staff our Ebola unit. It’s our way of paying it forward so that nurses and physicians everywhere can provide safe and effective treatment for their patients.

S. Wright Caughman MD
Executive VP for Health Affairs, Emory University
CEO, Woodruff Health Sciences Center

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