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In a recent op-ed published online in The Washington Post, Imelda Reyes DNP MPH FNP-BC discusses why it is time for a change in school-based sex education, based on her experiences as a teen-aged mother and nurse practitioner.

"Adults need to make it a priority to provide the younger generation with information and access to health care," writes Reyes, assistant clinical professor and a Public Voices Fellow of The OpEd Project at Emory University. "Specialists who focus on adolescent health care, such as nurse practitioners and other providers, could be engaged to help convey this important information within our schools. School-based, nurse-managed health care clinics could offer a full range of services. Once we open our eyes and hearts to the future of our nation, we too can talk about sex. Safe sex."

To read Reyes’ commentary in full, visit bit.ly/reyes-oped.

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